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Philippe Richer

Philippe is committed to ensuring and enhancing the long-held tradition of excellence and service Teffaine Labossiere Richer has always provided for its clients. Philippe received his law degree from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Law (Robson Hall). He is a member of the Canadian Bar Association (Manitoba Division) and the Chambre de commerce francophone de St-Boniface (CCFSB).
Philippe’s career in law began later in life. After high school, he joined the Armed Forces where he served 8 years. Then, following his service, he worked in sales for twelve years. It wasn’t until his own marriage came to an end and he experienced a divorce, that he felt compelled to be a positive part of the legal industry; someone more approachable, accessible and affordable.
Determined this was his new calling, Philippe quit his job and went back to school. A risky move for anyone, but his determination and focus were of great benefit to him in law school, as he was soon the recipient of the Yude M. Henteleff Award in Human Rights and Civil Liberties, the H. I Corne Prize (Awarded to the student with the highest standing in ‘Problems in Contract and Torts’) and was a finalist for the Manitoba Bar Association ‘Solomon Greenberg Prize in Advocacy’. Philippe joined Teffaine Labossiere Richer in 2014.